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The High Cost of False Security: Why 'Safety' Measures May Do More Harm Than Good. From Cyberattacks To Natural Disasters, Learn How Risk Reduction Can Help Prevent Losses And Safeguard Your Organization's Future.
“The YOU system is simple and removes steps from typical reporting and gets the right message to the right people, fast. The YOU Team are pioneers.”
Jedd Bradley
Police Officer
YOU Get It First
YOU Get It First equips you and your organization with everything necessary to inform, guide and safeguard your entire staff and for everybody that matters.

Active Threat Reporting

Faster Connection to Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Community Relations

Neighborhood Safety Communication


Crowd Control

Group Health Reporting

At You Get It First, we prioritize your safety and well-being through our comprehensive suite of services, including Active Shooter Alert System, Tornado Warning Alerts, Medical Emergency Reporting, and Natural Disasters Response. 

We believe in the power of community and offer tools like See Something Say Something, Neighborhood Watch, and Anonymous Tip to keep everyone informed and protected. 

Our commitment extends to workplace safety, addressing issues such as Employee No Show, Workplace Violence, Sexual Harassment, Workplace Hazards, and Theft Reporting. 

Plus, we stay vigilant against modern threats like Cyber Attacks and offer resources for Workers Compensation Prevention.

This versatile broadcast system with advanced features is designed to promptly notify and relay critical information to a wide range of recipients, including initial responders, intentional teams, law enforcement and individuals requiring immediate awareness. This highly efficient and user-friendly system has been meticulously developed to serve as a streamlined and indispensable tool for essential communications, ensuring swift and effective dissemination of vital updates and instructions.

Trust You Get It First for your safety and peace of mind.

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